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This web page was inspired by an article originally published in UPTOWN #17 ( A SONG 4 U - songs written by Prince for other artists, List compiled by PER NILSEN and LARS O. EINARSSON. Details also supplied by SAM SANDBERG and MAGNUS NILSSON). Updated with information from the O(+> Family and other sources. Questions and comments should be directed to Paul R.... His email is located at
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Prince has recorded over 260 songs for his own albums and over 43 non-album tracks. He has written and recorded over 180 songs for a wide range of artists, including protegées such as Sheila E., Jill Jones and Mayte. Other songs have been used for his "satellite" projects, usually created as secondary outlets for his music: The Time, Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, The Family, and Madhouse. Some songs remain unreleased.

This list is in approximate chronological order.

Prince has used no less than six names besides his own when writing songs for other artists. The Jamie Starr pseudonym first appeared on Dirty Mind, credited as engineer. As Jamie Starr, Prince has written songs for The Time, Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, and Sheila E. Prince's second pseudonym was Alexander Nevermind, a name used only for "Sugar Walls," written for Sheena Easton.

His next name, Christopher Tracy, was also used on one occasion only, as author of "Manic Monday" for The Bangles. Prince's fourth fictitious name came into being in late 1986, when a song written for Kenny Rogers was attributed to Joey Coco. This name has also been used for songs written for Deborah Allen, Jill Jones, Sheena Easton, Nona Hendryx, and Three O'Clock.

All the tunes on the first Madhouse album were listed as Madhouse compositions, suggesting that they were written collectively by the group, but it is in fact Prince who receives all songwriting royalties, according to ASCAP. On Madhouse's second album, some tunes were specified as being written by Prince, Sheila E., Eric Leeds, and Levi Seacer Jr., while other compositions were attributed to Madhouse, i.e., Prince. Later on, Prince used Paisley Park as an alias. He has written songs for Ingrid Chavez, El DeBarge, Paula Abdul, Patti LaBelle, Tevin Campbell, and Louie Louie using that name.

All songs on this list are written solely by Prince (as himself or using a pseudonym), unless otherwise is noted. The name(s) of the co-writer(s) appear in brackets to the right of the song. The list does not include information on which name Prince used since songwriting details are often contradictory, with different names being used in sleeve credits (if there are any), on sheet music and when a song is registered with ASCAP.

On some occasions, Prince has re-recorded new versions of songs previously released by himself, such as the Prince album track "With You," which he recorded again with Jill Jones, and the maxi-single /B-side "Sex," which was revamped for use by Lois Lane. The list does not include cover versions or re-recordings of songs Prince has written for other artists or songs he has previously released by himself. The N.P.G.'s Goldnigga album never received an official, general release (no catalogue number is listed on the CD) and is therefore not included in the listing. Follow the arrows to the artist's next album in the list.


The Time: The Time

1981 WB/The Starr * Company

Cool [with Dez Dickerson]

Get It Up


Oh, Baby

The Stick >

Ren Woods: Azz Izz

1982 Elektra [only on first edition]

I Don't Wanna Stop

Sue Ann Carwell: "Let Me Let You Rock Me" single B-side

1981 Warner Bros.

Make It Through The Storm
songwriting credit to Chris Moon only on the label, but ASCAP and UMPG lists Prince as the only songwriter

Ren Woods: Azz Izz

1982 Elektra [only on first edition]

I Don't Wanna Stop

Vanity 6: Vanity 6


1982 WB/The Starr * Company


3 x 2 = 6

Bite The Beat [with Jesse Johnson]

Drive Me Wild

If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up) [with Terry Lewis]


Nasty Girl [also appears on Girl 6 soundtrack]

Wet Dream

The Time: What Time Is It?

1982 WB/The Starr * Company



Gigolos Get Lonely Too

I Don't Wanna Leave You


The Walk

Wild And Loose [with Dez Dickerson]


The Time: "777-9311" single B-side


1982 WB/The Starr * Company


Grace >

Stevie Nicks: The Wild Heart


1983 Modern


Stand Back [with Stevie Nicks]


Sheena Easton: A Private Heaven


1984 EMI


Sugar Walls

Sheila E.: The Glamorous Life


1984 WB/The Starr * Company


The Belle Of St. Mark

The Glamorous Life

Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar

Noon Rendezvous [with Sheila E.]

Oliver's House

Shortberry Strawcake

The Time: Ice Cream Castles


1984 WB/The Starr * Company


The Bird [with Morris Day, Jesse Johnson]

Chili Sauce [with Morris Day, Paul Peterson]

Ice Cream Castles [with Morris Day, Jesse Johnson]

If The Kid Can't Make You Come [with Morris Day, Jesse Johnson]

Jungle Love [with Morris Day]

My Drawers [with Morris Day, Jesse Johnson]

The Time: "Ice Cream Castles" single B-side


1984 WB/The Starr * Company




Apollonia 6: Apollonia 6


1984 WB/The Starr * Company


A Million Miles (I Love You) [with Lisa Coleman]

Blue Limousine

Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian

In A Spanish Villa

Ooo She She Wa Wa

Sex Shooter

Some Kind Of Lover [with Brenda Bennett]


André Cymone: AC


1985 CBS


The Dance Electric

94 East: Minneapolis Genius


1985 Hot Pink


Just Another Sucker [with Pepé Willie]


Sheila E.: Romance 1600


1985 Paisley Park


A Love Bizarre [with Sheila E.]


The Family: The Family


1985 Paisley Park



High Fashion


Nothing Compares 2 U

The Screams Of Passion available on the Girl 6 soundtrack

Susannah's Pajamas [with Eric Leeds]

Yes [with Eric Leeds]


Mazarati: Mazarati


1986 Paisley Park


100 MPH

The Bangles: Different Light


1986 CBS


Manic Monday


Kenny Rogers: They Don't Make Them Like They Used To


1986 RCA


You're My Love

Sheila E.: Sheila E.


1987 Paisley Park


Boy's Club [with Sheila E.]

Koo Koo [with Sheila E.]

Love On A Blue Train [with Sheila E.]

One Day (I'm Gonna Make You Mine) [with Sheila E.]

Pride And The Passion [with Sheila E.]


Madhouse: 8


1987 Paisley Park










Madhouse: "6" single B-side

1986 Paisley Park

Six and 1/2

Deborah Allen: Telepathy

1987 RCA



Sheena Easton: No Sound But A Heart

1987 EMI



Jill Jones: Jill Jones


1987 Paisley Park


All Day, All Night

Baby, You're A Trip

For Love


Mia Bocca

My Man

Violet Blue

Nona Hendryx: Female Trouble


1987 EMI


Baby Go-Go


Taja Sevelle: Taja Sevelle


1987 Paisley Park


If I Could Get Your Attention

Wouldn't You Love To Love Me?

Madhouse: 16


1987 Paisley Park



Ten [with Eric Leeds, Levi Seacer Jr., Sheila E.]

Eleven [with Eric Leeds, Levi Seacer Jr., Sheila E.]




Fifteen [with Eric Leeds, Levi Seacer Jr., Sheila E.]

Sixteen [with Eric Leeds]

Madhouse: "Ten" single B-side


1987 Paisley Park


Ten And 1/2 [with Eric Leeds, Levi Seacer Jr., Sheila E.]

Madhouse: "Thirteen" single B-side


1988 Paisley Park


Thirteen And 1/4 [with Eric Leeds, Levi Seacer Jr., Sheila E.]


Dale: Riot In English


1988 Paisley Park


So Strong

Chaka Khan: CK

1988 Warner Bros


Sticky Wicked


Three O'Clock: Vermillion


1988 Paisley Park


Neon Telephone

Sheena Easton: The Lover In Me

1988 MCA



Cool Love


Madonna: Like A Prayer


1989 Sire


Love Song [with Madonna]

Brownmark: Good Feeling


1989 Motown


Shall We Dance


Patti LaBelle: Be Yourself

1989 MCA


Love 89 [with Sheena Easton]

Yo Mister

Mavis Staples: Time Waits For No One


1989 Paisley Park


Come Home

I Guess I'm Crazy



Time Waits For No One [with Mavis Staples]


Kahoru Kohiruimaki: Time The Motion


1989 TDK


Bliss [with Levi Seacer Jr.]

Mind Bells [with Levi Seacer Jr.]

Kid Creole And The Coconuts: Private Waters In The Great Divide


1990 CBS


The Sex Of It


Elisa Fiorillo: I Am


1990 Chrysalis


I Am [with David Z, Levi Seacer Jr.]

Love Is No Fun

On The Way Up [with David Z, Levi Seacer Jr., Elisa Fiorillo]

Ooh This I Need


The Time: Pandemonium


1990 Paisley Park



Data Bank

Donald Trump (Black Version)

Jerk Out [with Morris Day, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis]

My Summertime Thang

Prince: Graffiti Bridge

Prince - Graffiti Bridge


1990 Paisley Park


Love Machine [with Morris Day, Levi Seacer Jr.] - performed by The Time,

co-lead voice by Elisa Fiorillo

Melody Cool - lead voice by Mavis Staples

Release It [with Morris Day, Levi Seacer Jr.] - performed by The Time

Round And Round - lead voice by Tevin Campbell

Shake! [with Morris Day] - performed by The Time

The Latest Fashion - performed by The Time with Prince


Prince: "New Power Generation" maxi-single B-sides


1990 Paisley Park


Brother With A Purpose [with Tony Mosley] - performed by Tony Mosley

T.C.'s Rap [with T.C. Ellis] - performed by T.C. Ellis


Mica Paris: Contribution


1990 Island


If I Love U 2 Nite


Eric Leeds: Times Squared


1991 Paisley Park


Andorra [with Eric Leeds, Levi Seacer Jr., Sheila E.]

Cape Horn

The Dopamine Rush

Easy Does It [with Eric Leeds]

Little Rock [with Eric Leeds]

Night Owl [with Eric Leeds, Levi Seacer Jr., Sheila E.]

Once Upon A Time [with Eric Leeds]

Overnight, Every Night [with Eric Leeds, Levi Seacer Jr., Sheila E.]

Times Squared [with Eric Leeds]


Jevetta Steele: Here It Is


1991 Une Musique/Musidisc [first edition]


And How [with David Z, Levi Seacer Jr.]

Skip 2 My U My Darlin' [with Jevetta Steele, Levi Seacer Jr.]



Martika: Martika's Kitchen


1991 Columbia


Don't Say U Love Me [with Martika]

Love... Thy Will Be Done [with Martika]

Martika's Kitchen

Spirit [with Levi Seacer Jr., Martika, Frankie Blue]


Paula Abdul: Spellbound


1991 Virgin




T.C. Ellis: True Confessions


1991 Paisley Park


Bambi (Rap)

Girl O' My Dreams

Miss Thang


Patti LaBelle: Burnin'

1991 MCA


I Hear Your Voice [with Rosie Gaines, Francis Jules]

Joe Cocker: Night Calls


1991 Capitol


Five Women


Ingrid Chavez: May 19 1992


1991 Paisley Park


Elephant Box [with Ingrid Chavez]

Heaven Must Be Near [with Ingrid Chavez, Levi Seacer Jr.]

Jadestone [with Ingrid Chavez]

Slappy Dappy [with Ingrid Chavez]

Whispering Dandelions [with Ingrid Chavez]


Celine Dion: Celine Dion


1992 Columbia


With This Tear


Lois Lane: Precious


1992 Lana Lane


Qualified [with Kirk Johnson]



El DeBarge: In The Storm


1992 Warner Bros.


Tip O' My Tongue [with Kirk Johnson]


Carmen Electra: Carmen Electra

see a QuickTime movie of Carmen talking about Prince on Regis and Kathie Lee (7.1.MB) visit Apple for Quick Time plugin

1993 Paisley Park

Carmen on Regis & Kathie Lee

All That [with Carmen Electra]

Everybody Get On Up [with Monie Love, Carmen Electra]

Fantasia Erotica [with Carmen Electra]

Fun [with Carmen Electra]

Go Go Dancer [with Carmen Electra, Tony Mosley]

Just A Little Lovin' [with Tony Mosley]

Step To The Mic [with Monie Love, Levi Seacer Jr.]


Candy Dulfer: Sax-A-Go-Go


1993 BMG Ariola


Sunday Afternoon


Howard Hewett: Allegiance


1993 Elektra




Eric Leeds: Things Left Unsaid


1993 Paisley Park


Aguadilla [with Eric Leeds]


Monie Love: In A Word Or 2


1993 Cooltempo


Born 2 B.R.E.E.D. [with Monie Love, Levi Seacer Jr.]

In A Word Or 2 [with Monie Love]

Mavis Staples: The Voice


1993 Paisley Park


A Man Called Jesus

Blood Is Thicker Than Mine

House In Order

The Undertaker [with Tommy Barbarella, Michael Bland, Levi Seacer Jr., Sonny Thompson]

The Voice [with Rosie Gaines, Francis Jules]

You Will Be Moved

The Steeles: Heaven Help Us All


1993 Elektra/None Such


Well Done

Jevetta Steele: Here It Is


1993 Columbia [second edition]


Hold Me

Open Book [with Levi Seacer Jr., Martika]

Earth, Wind & Fire: Millennium


1993 Reprise


Super Hero


George Clinton: Hey Man... Smell My Finger


1993 Paisley Park


The Big Pump [with George Clinton]


Louie Louie: Let's Get Started

1993 Reprise

Dance Unto The Rhythm [with Michael Koppelman]

Get Blue [with Levi Seacer Jr.]

Tevin Campbell: I'm Ready

1993 Qwest/Warner Bros

Paris 1798430


The Halls Of Desire

Uncle Sam [with Paula Sherield]

Various artists: 1-800-NEW-FUNK

1994 N.P.G. Records

Minneapolis [with Sonny Thompson] - performed by MPLS

Love Sign - performed by Nona Gaye and O(+>

Color - performed by The Steeles

Standing At The Altar - performed by Margie Cox

2gether - performed by The N.P.G.

17 - performed by Madhouse

Various artists: Ready To Wear (Pret-A-Porter Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1994 Columbia

Get Wild [with Sonny Thompson] - performed by The N.P.G.

The New Power Generation: The Good Life Maxi-Single

1995 NPG/Warner Bros

The Good Life [with the New Power Generation]

Free the Music [with the New Power Generation]

Rosie Gaines: Closer Than Close

1995 Motown

I Want U [with Rosie Gaines]

My Tender Heart [with Rosie Gaines]

Various artists: Music From the Motion Picture Girl 6

1996 Warner Bros.


Count the Days [with the New Power Generation] - performed by the New Power Generation

Girl 6 [with Tommy Barbarella] - performed by the New Power Generation

Various artists: Living Single soundtrack

1997 Warner Bros.

Pain [with N. Channison Berry] - performed by Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan: Come 2 My House

1998 NPG

Come 2 My House [with Chaka Khan, Robert Palmer, and Howard McCrary]

This Crazy Life of Mine [with Chaka Khan]

Betcha I [with Chaka Khan and Mark Stevens]

Pop My Clutch [with Chaka Khan and Kirk A. Johnson]

Journey 2 the Center of Your heart

I'll Never B Another Fool [with Chaka Khan and Sandra St. Victor]

Democrazy [with Chaka Khan]

IRemember U [with Chaka Khan and Larry Graham]

Reconsider (U Betta) [with Chaka Khan]

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