"Body oil? Check!
Incense? Check!
Environmental records? Double check!!" 9:30 gettin' dressed, had a couple sips of wine Boom! swear 2 God, my suit was hangin' fine Everybody at the club freaked when stepped from my limousine they said "Ooh, it's good 2 see ya" said "Ooh, it's good 2 be seen, U know what mean?" 'll tell U what's good It's a good thing we live close 'cuz almost suffocated in that car Next time won't wear so much Paco Rabinni or whatever that stuff is... wonder if they got potato chips up in this @#&*! Man, this ain't like them house parties we used 2 go 2 That's alright, 'm clean 2night, hey, 'm a movie star c myself on the silver screen 2night, it don't matter who U r 'm the only star on the scene, U know what mean? Man, hate makin' movies, but like that money! U think don't? Check me out just walk in, don't even find a seat just throw my coat right on the floor grab somebody 4 a quick dance, boy or girl it don't matter no more, 'm hot! Mix was right ... bold! Lord Ouch! Baby, do U wanna, do U wanna get off? 2night, 'm a movie star c myself up on the silver screen 2night, it don't matter who U r 'm the star on the scene ... ouch! Mix was right On the 1 the kick drum hit the triple beat Baby, was poppin' Did one spin, did a second, did the splits came up, looked around - the joint was hoppin' Somebody say "Movie Star!" "So, check it out, U wanna dance?" "Are U wearing that Paco Rabbit or whatever U call it?" "Oh wow, that's dog!" "What? Speak up, can't hear over that suit!" "Maybe U can hear this?" "Am supposed 2 be impressed?" "That's right, Rolls Royce! Check it out baby... U wanna dance now?" "Maybe next song." "Yeah, right, dancefloor's not big enough, U fat cow!" Ooh Ooh, the mix, it's about the mix Ooh baby, like that, but the Kid gonna show U a few tricks Can play with U? "Baby, let's creep, had enough of this action. Bartender, on the house - give everybody in here somethin'! Man, don't care... got money 2 spare, U're cute and your music's thumpin'. Yo baby, get the check." "Yo baby' my behind! need my money." "Say Brother, Carothers, can get some credit? No?! As much money done spent in this nasty joint?! U need 2 be slapped! Darlin', shall we leave now? Go 2 Hades, boy!" "So U like my crib? It's not mine, it's rented. Say, how much did U have 2 drink?" "What's the biggest lake U've ever been in?" "So, do U like environmental records? Crickets chirpin', water rushin'... it's supposed 2 make U horny it just makes me wanna go 2 the bathroom. Actually this one's not bad - check it out... so like, what's your name?" "Zzzzzzzzz!" "Oh wow, that's dog!"