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penny cassette (almost free)

Neskers Records will send you ONE of the following cassettes for one cent plus $3.99 shipping and handling for a total of $4.00. See ordering instructions below. If you would like to order more cassettes and CDs, please go to Only one penny cassette per address. Limited time offer. Order now.



Lamott, Nancy

Just In Time For Christmas

If you like Nancy Lamott, check out Alec Briggs

Lamott, Nancy

What's Good About Goodbye?

Nancy Lamott @ ebay Auctions

Gibson, Deborah

Deborah (including the Junior Vasquez remixes of Only in My Dreams and Only Words)

GEMM order

How to order:

Send a check or money order to Paul Ryneski, 570 W 161ST ST SUITE 1, NEW YORK NY 10032. If you don't mind paying more for the above items, please visit GEMM to use your credit card or click on the BUY ITEM image.

Please indicate which cassette you want when you mail your order. Also include your name, address, and phone number. Ordering by mail takes less than 4 weeks! New York residents add sales tax.

Canada: Add $3 extra to order.

All other foreign orders: Add $7 for shipping plus $1 extra for each additional item ordered from sales page (i.e., if you order 2 items it's $8).



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Deborah Gibson

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