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The latest on the band:

Dec 17, 1998

This month: John plays, '98 Wrap-Up, Holiday Shopping List - jbrodeur@wizvax.net 
Welcome to the December 1998 Year-End issue of the Explosives newsletter.


First off, here's the big show news:



A Night of Solo Acoustic Rock Muzik featuring:


("ex lead-singer of the Explosives", )


(whose CD "Altoona Hotel" is available online at CDNow )


(Albany veteran, "Resonator" and "Cowboy Black" are the CDs, real nice guy)

The show starts at 9:00 PM. The Lionheart resides at 256 Lark St, Albany.

Call for more information at 436-9530. Be early to get a seat on one of the couches, and come celebrate Christmas all the way through the new year!


The second order of business: 1998 was a good year for the Explosives, even if it ended on a sour note, and we played with some great bands and met some great folks. Therefore, I feel obliged to thank all those (abridged) who have been helpful and/or rocked our collective universes, on behalf of the rest of the band:

***Bands - Sloan, You Am I, Super 400, Lotion, Gravel Pit, The VodkaSonics, Dryer, Lughead, Staziaks, Sterlings, Clay People, Orbit, Ruth Ruth, Subduing Mara, Jules Verdone, Jack Black, Jen Trynin, Decadent Royals, Smart Brown Handbag, Stars Of Rock, Madder Rose, Star Ghost Dog, Charlie Chesterman & Legendary Motorbikes...

***People, Places and Things - Paul Ryneski, Dominick Campana, Charlene Shortsleeve @ QE2, Howard Glassman @ Valentine's/Bogies (RIP), Mary Kay @ Valentine's, Pauly's Hotel, CBGB, Brownie's, Brad Morrison, Kip & Jeff Smith, John Delahanty, Jeremy & Bizarro Jeff @ The Edge, everyone @ Metroland, Island Records, Atlantic Records, Greg Rolnick @ Planetary, spinART records, and you guys...

1999 should be even better, with the promise of new recordings from the members of the Explosives, and possibly the release (at last), in one form or another, of the Explosives' 4-track recordings...


Lastly, I thought I'd influence you last-minute shoppers - here's some of my favorite records from 1998 that you might consider buying for that music lover in your life this holiday season...

Elliott Smith-XO, Superdrag-Head Trip In Every Key, Lucinda Williams-Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, Sloan-Navy Blues, The Figgs-...Couldn't Get High, The Afghan Whigs-1965, PJ Harvey-Is This Desire?, UNKLE-Psyence Fiction, Beck-Mutations, They Might Be Giants-Severe Tire Damage, Lotion-The Telephone Album, Willie Nelson-Teatro, Billy Bragg & Wilco-Mermaid Avenue, "Velvet Goldmine" (soundtrack), Beastie Boys-Hello Nasty, David Garza "This Euphoria, Air-Moon Safari, Liz Phair-whitechocolatespaceegg, Shudder to Think and friends-"First Love, Last Rites" (soundtrack), Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Acme, Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach-Painted From Memory, Money Mark-Push The Button.

(I promise, I didn't mention EVERY record released in 1998, just the good ones - note, I left out the Hanson live record.)

You better be good for goodness sake.

Merry friggin' Christmas.

Kill Saddam.


Nov 26, 1998

Hello, Goodbye! - jbrodeur@wizvax.net 
Metroland - Nov. 25-Dec.2, 1998

"In the 'Hello, Goodbye' department... Rich Baldes says the Explosives have finally exploded. The Albany pop-rock quartet, which featured Baldes, self-proclaimed 'diva' John Brodeur and brothers Mike and Anthony Delano announced their breakup last week..."

Funny, I don't remember announcing a breakup.

The truth of the matter is, we've had our problems. Some are bigger than others, but none of them seemed like they were worth breaking up over.

You've heard it all before, stupid cliche band shit - money, women, "control". I can't believe after all this time we could fall prey to petty little things like this. We've done a lot of good things, and only better things lie ahead. Actually, as of last week, I had heard that the "door is still open". I thought that meant we might play again. Guess I was wrong.

I wonder how many other members of the band found out we broke up by reading the paper.

This is not a "signoff" - we had planned on taking a break for a while, anyway. I guarantee this is not the end, just an extended vacation. Dammit, it sounds like we're the Eagles or something.

Note to Rich Baldes : you're a great songwriter and an all-around decent guy, but a really lousy p.r. person.

For now,

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy the long weekend

Rally against the evils of Eagle Eye Cherry

Rock on

Nov 10, 1998

DIVA! - jbrodeur@wizvax.net 
Thursday (this), November 12

Live at the infamous ***QE2***

(13 Central Ave, Albany)

The first public appearance of ***DIVA***

(which is really just John from the Explosives)

along with friends and comrades:

The GRAVEL PIT (QDivision)

The VODKASONICS (Cacophone)

and apparently SUPER 400 (Island) - hey it's news to me, but it's good news.

Show starts at 9:00. Yeah, right.


Just remember momma's advice:

"It's a rock show, so bring extra undies."

Nov 7, 1998

Metroland Local Music Bash - jbrodeur@wizvax.net 
Tomorrow night (Sunday, 11/8)

Valentine's (17 New Scotland, Albany)

Metroland Local Music Bash

Featuring the Explosives' Rich Baldes


The show starts at 8PM

Rich plays around 9:30 or 10

(hey, you'll just have to go early and find out)

Also featuring Super 400, VodkaSonics, Lughead, Michael Eck, lots more...

Five Bucks, bring a can of food and it's cheaper.

It's almost as good as the X-Files.